International Festival of Erotic Arts



V Международный фестиваль искусства чувств и эротики

August 4-9, 2020 / 4-9 августа 2020 года

For this exhibition, art works are accepted, which reflect the inner, sensual side of human relationships, the beauty of nude body, the harmony of a man with nature, which, despite of all great variety of interpretations, remains within the frames of morals and norms, accepted by society. Brave, intriguing and even provocative art works are welcome, which do not go beyond the norms, accepted in Russia. The competitors will have a difficult task to work with images, forms and colours on the most mysteriousborder of human being – gender roles.

Dates: August 3-9, 2020. Exhibition is open every day, 11.00 – 19.00
Registration deadline: July 28, 2020.
Address: St.Petersburg, B.Morskaya St., 38. Exhibition Center of St. Petersburg’s Union of Artists.


International exhibition&competition of Erotic Arts “ART-LOVE” is held in the form of exhibition and competition. All registered art works (on and off-site) are on show at the exhibition center and participate in competition program:

1) Competition “PAINTING”: Erotica in paintings”
2) Competition “GRAPHICS: Erotica in graphics”
3) Competition “SCULPTURE: Erotica in sculpture”
4) Competition “PHOTOGRAPHY: Erotica in photography and digital arts”
5) Competition “ETHNO: Erotica in folk culture”
6) Competition “TEXTILE: Erotica in artistic textile
7) Competition “DÉCOR: Erotica in applied and decorative arts”
8) Competition “INSTALLATION: Erotic installation and interactive performances”.

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